ToOp 5 Proven Methods To Make Money With Bitcoin /Cryptocurrency For Beginners

alright get this if you had invested $100 into Bitcoin just in 2010 it would now be worth a hundred million dollars today it's no secret cryptocurrencies have exploded you've seen them on the news you've seen them with your friends you've gotten in discussions at your holiday parties about them the last minimum 30 minutes because everyone is so either confused or engrossed in what's happening right now so in this video I wanted to walk through the five strategies of how to make money with crypto currency hey what's up refuses Clark from refusing to settle dot-com I got two main goals with this article the first :to summarize the complexity around cryptocurrency condensing it down into more of a beginner format just giving you the big picture the 20% of the information that holds 80% of the benefits the second is to hopefully bitcoin 5000 dispel a lot of the myths stigmas

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confusion around crypto currency and what's happening because if you follow the mainstream media you know they're gonna give you one thing and a lot of people have a vested interest and bringing this stuff down and and and kind of throw in fear into the fire if you're like me and you think it's around to stay it's a very time sensitive issue so we need to be open to the idea of investing here because if this is around to stay well then it is time sensitive and now's the best time to get in or do your research so you know if you should or not so that's the second main goal is just to help you broaden your idea here the research that I've that's convinced me to go in and invest in crypto currencies so today I'm going over the five main ways some people are making money with crypto currencies and I'll explain my strategy in just a little bit but before I show you this please check with a professional before you do anything with your finances I am NOT a financial experts and not giving financial advice over YouTube that would be silly so please always check with professionals before you make any big moves cool all the disclaimers are gone let's turn this camera around let's go to my computer and I'll show you the five ways we're talking about fun little outline we're gonna follow along and fill out together with this is the five ways to make money with cryptocurrency let's get into it now the first way buy-and-hold this is my strategy and if you take one thing away from this video it's my favorite way to invest now I'll go over some more advanced ones but I personally I don't have the time as an investor to sit there all day and and calculate with algorithms and trades and all that stuff you know Warren Buffett didn't make his money day trading he made it by looking at undervalued companies buying them as a value investing the term he uses and then holding them for the long term you know he I think his quote is if you can't if you don't plan on owning the stock in five years from now you shouldn't own it for five days or something along the lines of that see things for the long term now of course here is coinbase my favorite place to buy and hold I just showed you in other videos this week I bought five hundred dollars in litecoin and cerium and bitcoin live on screen with you so I'm not gonna spend any more here but it shows you the big three Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin so you can go in here you can buy them you can hold them actually if you come here to your accounts you have different kinds of wallet even USD your native currency whatever it is euro yen you have that in your wallet over here and you have all these other kinds of wallets as well so it's pretty sweet grad G .

 1-buy and hold  bitcoin 5000 bitcoin 52 week

    and this this way is kind of a hedge against inflation you know a lot of people they say oh I'm gonna use cash well cash can give you you can actually lose money if you have your stuff in a regular bank account think about it you know if inflation let's just say a typical year very conservative numbers average numbers let's just call it 3% then a coke this year is $1.00 next year it's gonna be a dollar and three cents well if I have all of a sudden if I have money in my checking account it's making like what two cents a year maybe like not even on like thousands and thousands of dollars all of a sudden I just lost money on anything I want to buy due to inflation you see how that works so you got to put your into something that's gonna counteract that inflation that's why a lot of people have real estate because it not only counteracts it but it has the potential to go up or people put it in gold because it has the potential to hold its value people put it in a Treasury bonds or anything like that since it's very conservative you're investing in the United States essentially it's a conservative investment so with more conservative investments though you don't get that potential upside with your money so you know the same thousand dollars in a bond is gonna give you a different return than a Bitcoin but who knows maybe the bond is guaranteed whereas the Bitcoin could go down tomorrow could double tomorrow you know it's really all supply and demand based that is a strategy in a nutshell is buying and holding now.

 2. initial Coin Offerings bitcoin 5000 bitcoin 52 week

these are where you probably make the most money but again what did we say with the more risk more reward but more potential for lost all right I'm on coin market cap dot-com dot-com so here's all the cryptocurrencies a lot of people only talk about the big three light coin bit coin in aetherium because those are on coin base now if you want to trade other coins more alt coins they call them that aren't on coinbase like ripple or car Nadeau iota - I've heard stellar I've heard a lot about then you have to go to a different platform now unfortunately a lot of the platforms aren't available in Washington State where I'm from what's the one with the P Pro I believe it's pronounced Popo Linux pol Linux I don't know this is not available in Washington State because of our I think it's a tax law or something I got an air unfortunate and then the other one is bit wrecks dot-com and it's a great exchange people talk about so those are kind of the big ones Popo Lennox and bitch X and then of course coin base but you can't buy a lot of these alt coins there so I cos are what you look for and true initial coin offerings are like getting in on the ground floor which is very hard to do unless you know someone who's opening their own cryptocurrency so well I'm viewing I cos I'm talking about coins that are starting that are lower that are not in the big three aetherium bitcoin litecoin things that are more undervalued that you would need a site aside from coinbase to trade with or invest with do your research before you you do anything like this but if you look at the potential for games here some of these coins are two dollars right six dollars two dollars five dollars or whatever you can market caps actually a better sign if you want to go just based on total scale of what's out there but look there's hundreds of coins and have you ever heard of any of these like you know folding coin pretty much anyone can come out with a coin kit coin Dom writer neck some quantum you know I've never heard of any of these coins that are three hundred and weighs down but hey kind of like putting in a casino you know you put in how when I was in Vegas I didn't know how to play roulette and my band made fun of me so I went to the roulette table and I put down two chips on on a number and instead of like black or red right which are more either win or you lose but they have a better chance huge odds and I put it on like number 34 and I put two chips on there am I and before my bandmate was like dude ooh dude that's super risky what are you doing she spun it so we couldn't take it off and actually land it on there and I made a lot of money well not a lot of money like 200 bucks or or whatever it was nothing to write home about but then I blew it on the Britney Spears slot machine so I came out with $60 and that's my Vegas story I'm sticking to it the moral there was that you know if you put it on a more niche risk the reward as potential is is better so I cos look over smaller coins .↚

3-Active trading  bitcoin blockchain size bitcoin ira

so what you would do is you would come back to one of these and you would say let's just go into this is G Dax I believe it's owned by coin base and it's a you know your if you're already looking like we're solving equations here this is something that you could do and if you're good at it then you can make some money trading you know with stocks is day trading some people that's their whole livelihood some people now have taken that into cryptocurrencies because it goes up and down and you're basically looking at percentages here so you know if something's down at 10% and you buy it and then it goes up 20% and you sell 10% well then you made that 10% profit and you can kind of keep timing it out like that of course when is it gonna go down when's it gonna go up who knows that's why you get paid money essentially to do it to time the market very risky not recommending it unless you know what you're doing I don't know what I'm doing to the extent of where I could do that ever I don't date rate I don't do the coin base or or trading with with crypto currencies gives me a heart attack just thinking about it but I'm not trying to make fun of it because that is a serious way that you can make money and look into it alright.

4-Bitcoin Lending  bitcoin blockchain size bitcoin ira

so you can lend out your bitcoins and get paid interest now I got mixed feelings about this and I know there's a site on Polonia X where you can lend and so if we go here you know it has a certain percentage that you get and the amounts of Bitcoin you get and how long you lend it for so you basically loan out your bitcoins for people to trade with or people to use and then just like if you loan someone money you make interest on it it's the same thing with Bitcoin and so you can loan them out and make a percentage now the reason I don't recommend this is because I've heard a lot of experts that are super iffy about Bitcoin lending and I just want to pass that warning along that sometimes some of these sites are for lack of better word kind of scamming I'm not saying that's what this is at all this is actually a pretty reputable site but I've seen some Bitcoin lending sites that seem a little sketchy and people are on YouTube talking about how great it is and how much money you can make and 1% a day and it's like I don't I I just don't buy it okay that's not to say you can't make money with it again not the end-all be-all authority here if you want to look into this and look into lending and you feel comfortable with it like you know what you're doing go for it but if you don't I would stay away from this one as it tends to be a bit dodgy in my opinion let's get this all on one page it's driving me crazy here's the fifth one so the first one we went over buy-and-hold second one we went over ICO is kind of more undervalued coins buying them and selling them at a profit third one we went over active trading where you're doing some what day trading you know you're looking at trends you're analyzing it through those sites I showed you and then you either sell it you buy it if it's undervalued you sell it if you feel like it's gonna go back down and then the fourth one was Bitcoin lending which I don't recommend .↚

5-Talking About Bitcoin bitcoin blockchain size bitcoin ira

 now I you know there's the there's the people online who make money online talking about make money online I don't understand that or like affiliate marketers who have whole channels talking about affiliate marketing and selling affiliate marketing products just the rabbit hole runs deep with that stuff but at a certain extent you know talking about making money with bitcoin online is a legitimate way to make money and I say this because there's not a lot of people doing it it's a very very new opportunity this whole cryptocurrency this whole Bitcoin thing it's super new so there's a need for it there's people there's a reason you're searching this video you're on this video there's a demand for it the people are getting into this and it's an emerging new market you know let's just say they had podcasts when the internet first started or a way to talk about the Internet well then you're an authority there from the get-go and you're predicting things you're talking about things you research things so talking about Bitcoin you can make money talking about it you know maybe sell a course philia with coin base here I just listed out four different income streams that you can make talking about bitcoins sell a course I know people who are selling a course that's six hundred dollars of course they have a lot of experts on it and yeah I haven't personally taken it but that's an option second is affiliate with coinbase you know I make $10 if you use that link below it's cool you can support this but you also get $10 if you invest your coin base in the link below so it's a great win-win for both of us right we can make Bitcoin videos and talk about that and then all of a sudden you have an affiliate and you can recommend this educate people give them dispel a lot of myths and you can start making money on it third one is coaching if you feel like you really really know what you're talking about you feel really credible in it you could offer coaching services now that you have your content out there and the fourth one is ad revenue you would make on any sort of video or blog if you do advertising on there it's a very searchable market this whole Bitcoin and cryptocurrency blockchain not a lot of people doing it of course if you're really educated you're in experts or you want to become one start learning more about it start getting ideas being entrepreneurial about the actual topic itself and not just the product does that make sense so those are my five ways to make money with cryptocurrency if you learned one thing subscribe down below if you want more videos give it a thumbs up and share it with someone who's into this if people are into this that you know of cryptocurrencies or make money online passive income anything like that share this video around if you got some good

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