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so I was doing my little research sat down went to a YouTube much like yourself and typed in how to make path of income how to make money online and I found videos 10 legit ways to make money online all right let me check this out you know what some of the ways were donate your blood plasma and grow your hair extra long so you can cut it off and sell it I'm not even kidding this video I'd like to 3 million views and it just blew me away that people thought the only way to earn money in 2019 2020 is to sell your plasma and cut your hair in this video I wanted to go over 10 legit ways that you can make money from home make money online or you know earn a side income ok they're not all passive so some of them require work some require selling your hours for dollars it's Clarke refusing to settle let's go  let's get into way .

1-up work

I'll show you two sites these are for freelancing okay freelancing now you can do this from home you can do this from anywhere in the world you know I know people do this on Australia New Zealand's and lots of english-speaking countries but ones that don't I've hired people off the site for all kinds of jobs mostly like copywriting okay like just being a writer or web design or funnel design building there's tons of jobs on this site and so you can join as an employer or someone who needs freelancers like myself or you can join as a freelancer and I've spent a lot of money on this site let's find something fun I want to give you kind of one weird example to show you what's possible for each of these alright so I just went into marketing and this will be fun because I know a lot of you out there probably have skills with like social media okay and you might know how to work Instagram or there's a lot of companies who will just pay you to run their Instagram accounts so let's look at what some of the people are going for on here I'll just type in Instagram so $20 an hour 100 you know $150 an hour $30 an hour fifty four dollars an hour $25 $30 so what you could do is browse through here and say I know how to do Instagram I'll do that and just look at some of their profiles so this guy right here John who's charging $150 an hour for Instagram you know just read his post and see what kind of services he offers and this is gonna give you good ideas of maybe you have some skills with social media okay maybe you have skills with writing maybe you have skills with app development guys up work has everything and this is a legit platform that I hire people on that I know thousands of freelancers are on a couple points yes have good photos if you're going to be posting on here so knows John it's got that sleek little James Bond look to him attractive women do get more clicks on photos just put it out there you know high-quality photos like that like it's yes it works so for your dude maybe take a photo in a bikini and I'll get more clicks well videos going downhill fast oh my god and I will say when you start out on up work another tip is to charge lower or less than what you're worth now you might not want to hear that but you need to build your resume need to build a portfolio get a few clients for a skill and then they can endorse you and then all of a sudden you're boom you're at the top and you can get referrals this is just a really cool way to make side income if you want something a little more for lack of better word sketchy cheaper that's probably a better word here's a site called Fiverr there's a ton of freelancers on here this is another way you can another site okay so op work you can do that Fiverr is another site you can sell things on voiceover alright maybe you have a really big booming voice or you got a really good voice there's lots of people who will do voiceovers right here I will quote a pearl female American voice over and this is a woman who will give you for $25 she'll give you an HQ audio file and then she has this is brilliant she has all these upsells down here too like if you want a script proofreading commercial rights full broadcast rights timed sync background music okay so all this stuff she's turned this five dollar gig and she's up sold funnels which talk about his channel something twenty-five dollars that is now could be a hundred two hundred dollars and you're like well how many people have she don't voiceovers for well it looks like she has nineteen hundred reviews right there so I'm willing to bet at least two thousand three four thousand people have purchased this gig you know I've had twenty five dollars all of a sudden you can start to see that this can be a real site income came she probably gets seven orders a time five orders and then she'll just record them whatever they need and then send them off once you systematize it it works .


second legit way to make money from home on line I'm gonna show you XE okay now you're like oh ed C's arts and crafts she's gonna show me people who make bracelets no I'm not it's normally good for like small-time DIY stuff but I found something recently that really sparked my curiosity and I thought it was a cool business model I'll show you productivity planner is what I'm searching here so this is cool because Etsy normally I like I said it's physical products that you ship out one off at a time really handcrafted a lot of thought into them you know you can get custom jewelry and whatnot but this is stuff that's just digital downloads so people have made a PDF of something and then they let you download it if you pay them and so let's go into here life planner gold planner self-development printables goal-setting dream life self care planners okay so this is $40 and it looks like it comes with goals and dreams and so she'd market is markets towards women who I imagine probably buy this a lot more than men just based on my own demographics from Ibis journal and journaling and whatnot so she's branded it towards um but look at these these are just like one sheet paper PDFs that she made or maybe she hired someone on up work or Fiverr and she just came up with it designed it and now she just posts it up and maybe she does videos to drive traffic here maybe she just post some maybe she shares the link with other people so once she did this once you can see how it can be sold over and over and over again there's really virtually no refunds because it's not actually shipped them a physical product she can have unlimited customers it's super scalable this is just one idea you can browse through and do some more do some of your own digging to find more the next three opportunities are all going to be using Amazon and we're gonna log in right now and I'll show you these all right so to illustrate this I found a really cool news story and it was this guy who made twenty five hundred dollars in one day buying and then selling monopoly for Millennials you know monopoly the has Berle game the guy at the mustache he went to his local Walmart and saw that they were having a deal on these Monopoly games for I believe it was twenty two yeah okay nineteen dollars and eighty two cents then he sold them on Amazon for sixty dollars and made a profit and he sold them so that is retail arbitrage guys is going to your local stores like Walmart or Safeway or Ralph's or Fred Meijer it's probably better or like a target okay Kmart like places that have goods that would sell on Amazon not just produce and buying things there now there's all kinds of apps that you can download and scan like a barcode so you can actually see the price that it's going for in Amazon this is called retail arbitrage okay so where you buy something for cheap and then you sell on Amazon for the asking price and that margin in between you get to keep now you can also do it where you can go to yard sales or garage sales and find you know good used books I remember having my friend's dad way back in the day he was one of the first people to do this his whole basement was just stacked full of books and he would make sometimes five dollars a book sometimes fifty dollars a book if it was rare just by going to garage sales and all this stuff and then flipping it okay so this takes work but it's almost like a treasure hunt alright when you go to your store and you're looking through the section and doing this this is called retail arbitrage and you can look more into it but this is a fantastic way if you don't have any experience and you just need to start making some extra money or some monopoly money this is the way to do it right Amazon data curiosity monopoly and the only two I found were a cheaters edition it sounds like a great one sounds like the one I should have been playing we've got fortnight edition but knowing me I'd probably lose this one too I'm so bad at this game it's not even funny anyway the second way to make money with Amazon is active its Amazon Mechanical Turk okay this is where they post jobs that can't be done by their robots there's still some stuff like you know more data entry stuff or customer support and all that that needs to be done by humans that can't be done by the robots yet and so they outsource this instead of having people on payroll with the benefits and huge locations and renting office space and all that they outsource this to people all around the world and so you can browse here kind of like a curated Craigslist just for Amazon and find jobs some of them pay you know $10 an hour some of them pay 20 $30 an hour and this is another way you can work from home is the legit way online that you can do it if you really don't want a boss and you want to set hours and just kind of when you want to work how you want to work this is a overview that you can look at so there was three ways I mentioned to use Amazon to make income legit ways online .↚

3- Amazon Kindle publishing 

now I'm not gonna spend too much time here because we've talked about it ad nauseam in other videos and we have a whole tutorial on it if you sign up for passive income Kingdom and the link below you can actually get a full free training on this but I just typed in how to get your ex back in Amazon Kindle no this is not an area I'm actively searching in but be a fun example so a lot of these books are not written by real authors they're actually ghost written and so people will write them themselves maybe and then upload it under a pen name or they'll outsource it altogether on sites like this and get writers to do things for you that's a dollar for a hundred words so you know sixty dollars for six thousand words is typically what an Amazon Kindle eBook will be on and they'll research it for you they'll write it for you and everything then you can post up how to get your ex back in 30 days or less do your research okay watch the videos that we have on this channel on it just type in refusing to settle Kindle or something like that and it should come up but the things that sell well on Amazon Kindle are niche problems okay people want something that's going to solve their problem that they wouldn't talk to their friends about so things like gambling addictions you know how to stop smoking binge eating disorders get your ex back how to cure your acne how intermittent fasting you know low testosterone all these things that people aren't it's not PC to go to your friends about confidence you know those do very well in the Kindle Store okay so those like pain points so maybe you're someone who can be a marketer you can roll up your sleeves you can be the middle person kind of arbitrage we talked about between like writers in between you know the market and you can just make this Kindle book that solves a demand and then it can become something for you now I haven't seen people be crazy crazy crazy successful with this I think it's gotten harder in 2018 2019 and 2020 just because for a host of reasons competition Amazon's exploded you know might be harder to get found on the Kindle Store maybe no one's buying these anymore um so you know this is not gonna be something that's millions and millions of dollars it's not gonna become a Kindle millionaire but if you're in a job you hate you know this is actually this is fun I I did this I experimented with it I got three books written using epic right and it was it was a fun process just like researching a topic that you don't really know much about or you know I would never write about and just kind of outsourcing it and then seeing seeing the book that you paid $60 for come back and then outsourcing it cover and you know you're in a hundred bucks and you get this like published author name under a pen name and you're like oh this is me this is my work I have it I can do whatever I want with it so anyway .

4-the next opportunity is something you may have heard of okay but I don't want you to write this off completely because I'll show you the other day I spent $200 on track pants track pants you know like sweat pants okay it's a fancy way of saying that joggers if you're in the UK now I don't spend $200 well this company kept blowing up my Instagram feed every time out browse Instagram I would see these track pants and would just keep going through it on my colleagues look stupid and then they did it again and again and again and again and again until I finally was like alright fine I'll just buy some and then I went to the site and I got free shipping at $200 and what do

 you know the order was like 195 97 so I had to order something else or get something along those lines to get free shipping and so here I am I spent 200 hours on these sweatpants and I was texting my friend who's really in the drop shipping the guy's made tons of money it's brilliant with it he was explained to me how that works you know and he's like well congratulations you just got drop shipped I was like what and so I go to the site called Aliexpress where a lot of people buy them and all these track fans here are listed for $15 $20 $30 and you're like okay well how does that work Clark I'm not following this is a site all the express okay and you can find items in here that are made from China and all you have to do is is set up a Shopify store where you link these products on your store and if someone buys you can charge whatever you want for it you can literally charge $200 for this track pant right here and then what happens is Shopify if you install the right software it's not complicated at all trust me and there's courses that show you on this is just a layman's overview of it when someone orders that it relays the order to this Aliexpress site they ship it out for you with your brand with everything and then you make that profit margin in the middle this is called drop shipping and it's one of the most profitable business models that has come out in the last 10 years okay cuz you don't have any inventory cost you're not carrying this all you're paying for is a website and then all the orders are fulfilled automatically so you're like okay what is your biggest cost remember those Instagram feed and I was talking about that's your cost right here okay so you run ads to people like me and you just spam the heck out of me until I eventually buy because I want to look like these guys you know look at this this is this is some of the stuff I bought I think it was which one and I buy about these weird light I think the next morning I woke up and I was like why did I buy that oh yeah see DHL on 140 dollars free shipping okay so still haven't gotten them yet yeah so $60 a pair right there so if they can sell it to me and they're add cost is $5 $10 $50 even they're still making $10 at least per sale and that's how you do it that's how you scale it you can build your brand at the same time as that so that's called drop shipping guys that is a legit legit way but it is a bit more complicated as I mentioned in this video I want to give you a lot of different options so if you want that I'll link down to a full course that teaches you a twosie on how to Shopify dropship the one I recommend actually went through it and it was it was really fascinating and so I know it doesn't leave any step out shows you everything you need to do from the things you need mistakes you don't want to make to what you get to do it how do you set up your store with a few clicks of a button you know how do you write descriptions how do you advertise like all that stuff is in that course below and I think it comes with a free webinar or free preview whatever that offer is down below it's great okay .↚

5-the next option is one you probably have heard of but you may have written off and I just wanted to bring it to the forefront because this opportunity it didn't exist back when I was 16 back when I was 17 or 18 I guess and could have done it okay this is things like apps so driving apps like uber and lyft or delivery apps like uber eats and posts mates I think Amazon even has their own couriers courier service where you can be a freelance package delivery person lease in Seattle the idea where I'm at these are so cool because yeah you

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 get to set your own schedule you get to work when you want however much you want within their guidelines and you know it's social you're picking people a lot you know depending on the time of day you drive if it could be not ideal people pukin in your car and whatnot but at least you can do this on your own terms okay so and if you have a full-time job you know I've been an uber for people work a corporate job with benefits and they're just doing it as a side hustle to save up and buy a trip to save up and buy a vacation you know a new car a mortgage on their house okay so this is a cool way you can make side income that is on your terms it's way better than working a minimum-wage job somewhere else in my opinion okay plus you get tips so I just want to put that out there those kind of driving apps and apps that you've probably heard of well you know we're never above working a job it was Ashton Kutcher who's given a commencement speech and he's like I've never worked a job I was too good for because I was still thankful that I had a job I was so thankful that you know I could get jobs it's not like an economy of where you you know there's no work and you know sorry come back tomorrow and maybe there will be you literally have a surplus of jobs they might not be the most ideal ones okay they might not pay the most they might not be the most educated for your college degree and whatnot but that's why I like passive income entrepreneurship because you can create it on your term so everything we talk about on this channel okay so like this uber and lyft maybe you're building something and you need to pay the bills but you hate working minimum-wage jobs well these are better options in my opinion stuff I would have started with okay so you're not getting experience but at least you can do it on your terms and just want to put that out there again if you're looking for something all right .

6-the next site we're going after it's called Flippa the lipid comm I've been researching this kind of fascinated by it is where you can buy and sell websites or businesses digital assets okay so just like you would go to Zillow to buy houses or real estate or apartments flip boats kind of trying to do that for business types okay so they have software-as-a-service marketplace ecommerce advertising Apps domains and so you can do one of two things if you have money you can buy something if you want a head start okay you want to buy a business you want to buy in or you can buy something and take it all on and a lot of times these are already making money so that is the first option okay but the second option is you could buy you could build something and then sell it

 on here now I want to give you a little example of how this works so let's go in here to what should we do let's go to let's go to businesses and let's go to ecommerce now I saw this earlier this is site this is called Lowell jerky all right Lowell jerky calm you could buy this for thirty two thousand dollars and you could be the proud owner of a jerky business and so yes of course you know you'd have to do your due diligence and look into this and but a lot of this stuff is you know it's crazy it shows you okay their average profit per month is twenty one hundred their average expenses or seventeen and their average monthly revenue is that together okay so you're in your mind you're like alright well if they make $2,100 a month profit you know how many months would that have to be fifteen months one two years you'd make your money back and if you grew it even bigger you know you could be profitable so this is a cool way you can get head starts on businesses again I'm not endorsing this one I'm not endorsing any of these but just do your own research and I'm putting this here for you to do that research if this is something you're into you know you ever watched Shark Tank with like Mark Cuban and Daymond John and Robert Herjavec you know and they're evaluating companies well now all your late night Friday night whatever ABC research is paying off and you can use that research and be a shark on Flippa and just kind of you know buy stuff on here if you want or research it and then the other way you know to use this like I mentioned is to build something yourself and then sell it on here.↚

7- the next way is maybe you're really good at photography or video or music production okay or maybe that's your hobby and you order your passion and you would do that for free anyway well you can make you can take photos you can make video b-roll footage you know overlays and cinematic stuff drone shots whatever you can record sample jingles or stock music and you can sell them for a profit you can license it out so that when people download it you get a part of the Commission and they pay you every single time okay so this is licensing and depending on the site you're gonna have to work that out and understand it but the - you know there's I stock photos or no Getty Images is one I was showing you right here where I know they have if you scroll down here to the bottom and then Shutterstock if you go all the way down here yeah you can come down here become a contributor and they'll pay you if you're good enough you're like who's buying this

Clark well a lot of websites when they want to do an article on something then they come here and instead of like going back and forth or scouring the internet and trying to send emails to independent photographers they prefer to go through sites like this because it's instant they know it's legit they know it's royalty-free if they pay for it they can license it so I'll give you an example so I'm on here because I'm in a band and when we perform funk I'll find you I'll find you a we'll find you a photo like right here here's us you know so when we're at that's that download in the UK so you could technically go here and buy it and use it for whatever so there's a lot of photographers in that front row you know taking photos of us on stage because they get royalties for using it okay so maybe you like going to concerts maybe you like going to live events and you take those photos that's a very niche on this site you see how that works and you can upload them and you know might not happen now but as long as they're up there you never know like ten years from now even you know people are still searching for those longevity acts and you get really cool access front and center to concerts and whatnot a lot of times you get a photo pass and it's kind of a cool gig so I just want to put this one out there maybe nature photography right so let's look here's one right here okay so this is all stuff like this like snow and you know winter arctic air I just typed in jerky for our jerky brand that we're developing you and I and there's tons of jerky right here okay so real jerky jerky jerky jerky there's literally everything on this site and as long as it's like a high-quality photo you know you can probably find a way to use it okay
8-the last way is to do more of a pet watching business pet watching okay if you like if you hear an animal lover you love doing it you know maybe you don't have pets or maybe have some that can get along with others or maybe you just want to walk other people's dogs and make some money well gone are the days of posting your local little you know tear fliers that people tear a number off and call you and say hello come walk my dog now now just like uber we're doing it all digital all on an app so this is a site called rover and there's also another one called wag and people will have you come to their house you can spend the night and watch their dog feed it or whatever and then you get paid per night or per day so this is a cool way you can kind of be a sit-in dog boarder for other people who are in need of that service so maybe you know you don't mind spending two nights a week outside of your apartment or outside of your home and you just want some extra income you want to sell that so you can bring all your stuff over to someone else's house if you work it out here yeah you know it can make 40 bucks 50 bucks a night okay so dog boarding services on Rover people will pay for that personalized care and attention that you can get and give so again just like dancing you know start with your rates a bit lower to get more work than once you get testimonials once you get client feedback then you can increase it over time there you go those are 10 legit.

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